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A laundromat with the planet in mind

We Are Focused On Clean Laundry…And A Clean Earth

Paradise isn’t just a state of mind for us. We are equipped with environmentally-conscious machines in an effort to do our part to help preserve our paradise on earth. High Efficiency washers use less water, electricity, and soap than traditional washers. Cold water washes get your laundry extra clean with ozone treated water to disinfect both the laundry and the machines.


We have two convenient locations with plenty of high capacity washers and dryers. We accept quarters, credit card or digital payments and offer a full assortment of laundry supplies.


A laundromat with all the amenities to make you forget you’re not at home! Free Wi-Fi, HD TV, music, snacks, video games, ADA bathrooms, laundry supplies, kids’ reading/activity area, and more!


Our locations are professionally cleaned every day, we have all new machines and we even have regularly scheduled pest control. We have thought of everything, so you can have an “ick-free” experience

Citrus Heights


Doing Laundry in Paradise

Free Wi-Fi

Get work done or surf the Internet while you pass the time with our complimentary WiFi.
Passcode = washgreensavegreen

Magazines & TV

We have a variety of magazines available for you to read. Our TVs are always tuned to family friendly programming.

Snacks & Beverages

If you need refreshments while you wait, we have you covered. Our vending machines are stocked with assorted snacks and drinks.

Kids Activities

We have proudly partnered with Laundry For Literacy in an effort to provide children an opportunity for learning while also staying busing.

Game Machines

Laundry can take what seems like forever (tho it’s really not, our machines are fast!) so we offer video games and a candy crane to help pass the time.

Customer Bathroom

Our bathrooms are for customers only. In an effort to keep them clean and in working order, customers must use a code to gain access.

The current restroom code is #246246

Code changes monthly. Bookmark this page for easier future reference.

Wash Green. Save Green.

Good for the planet, easy on your wallet.

As Sacramento’s first “eco-friendly” laundromat, we try to help you reduce your footprint on the planet. With high-efficiency machines that can hold up to 90 pounds of laundry, not only do you spend less time doing laundry, but you also reduce your water usage. Wash those giant loads in cold water, and you will receive a discount to help you save even more;
Wash Green – Save Green!

Ozone Treated Water – Cleans, Disinfects and Sanitizes

We are excited to offer an Ozone Laundry System at our laundromats. This system injects ozone into the cold water to disinfect and sanitize your laundry during the rinse cycle. Additionally, our machines also benefit from disinfecting and sanitizing during every wash. Curious how it works? Click the button below!

Short On Time?

We offer Wash-Dry-Fold service through our partner Aloha Wash N Wear.
Their professional service is fast and affordable.

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