Welcome To Paradise

Wash Green. Save Green.

Good for the planet, easy on your wallet.


We take the stress out of laundry day, so you have more time for what you love! Paradise Laundry has three convenient locations, easy-access hours, plenty of high capacity washers and dryers and a pleasant atmosphere. We offer coin, credit card or digital payment options and a full assortment of laundry supplies. Turn “laundry day” into “laundry hour” and get back to your real life.


Paradise Laundry has all the amenities to make you forget you are not at home! Free Wi-Fi, HD TV, music, snacks, video games, ADA bathrooms, laundry supplies, kids’ wall toys, and more – all in a clean, comfortable laundromat that you will actually enjoy spending time in!


Your family deserves clean clothes and you deserve a clean and pleasant place to get them that way! Our locations are professionally cleaned every day, we have all new machines and we even have regularly scheduled pest control. We have thought of everything, so you can have an “ick-free” experience


As Sacramento’s first “eco-friendly” laundromat, we try to help you reduce your footprint on the planet. With high-efficiency machines that can hold up to 90 pounds of laundry, not only do you spend less time doing laundry, but you also reduce your water usage. Wash those giant loads in cold water, and you will receive a discount to help you save even more; Wash Green – Save Green!

Two Convenient Locations

Top 3 Reasons We Are the
Cleanest Laundromat

New Machines
  • Paradise Laundry is so clean because our washers and dryers are so new. All three laundromats were completely remodeled and equipped with brand new washers and dryers therefore you don’t have to worry about years of mildew build-up, which is a common problem in older coin laundries.
Professionally Cleaned
  • Paradise Laundry is the only laundromat in Sacramento to use a professional janitorial service 365 days a year. A team of trained experts from Galindo Cleaning Service of Sacramento clean and sanitize all surfaces of the laundry from the folding tables to the bathrooms – including the machines – every night. 
Pro-active Pest Control
  • Paradise Laundry is one of the few laundromats to use a monthly pest control service. First of all we recognize on occasion a customer may use a laundromat to rid their home of fleas or lice. Therefore we don’t wait until a problem with pests arises – instead, we proactively spray on a regular basis. As a result our laundromat is only inviting to people and not pests.
Paradise Laundry owner

Make Laundry Day Laundry Hour

Why We Are the Greenest Laundromat

Laundry in Paradise

Yes, doing laundry is a chore. But it doesn’t have to feel that way! Every one of our four laundromats has comforts and conveniences to make your laundry time easy, and maybe even … pleasant!

  • Free Wi-Fi: Passcode = washgreensavegreen
  • Wall Toys for the Kids
  • Closed Caption HD TV
  • Music and Magazines
  • Video Games & Candy Crane
  • Assorted Snacks and Beverages
  • ADA Compliant Bathroom
  • Change machines, credit card machines, laundry supplies
  • Full service Laundry available in some locations

Living in Paradise

Paradise isn’t just a state of mind for us, either. We installed environmentally-conscious machines and equipment in all our laundromats to help preserve our paradise on earth. High Efficiency washers mean you use less water, electricity, and soap than in traditional washers. Big loads, cold water washes, and more efficient dryers help, too.
Plus, washing green saves YOU green (that’s money!), too!